What does the Cyclops have in common with minority groups of today?  Well – if Daniel Nocke’s rustic 11 minute claymation is anything to go by – everything.


The official synopsis is as follows (courtesy of Film Bider):

Is the present-day Cyclops a dangerous monster or a sensitive artist? – A group of German tourists express a variety of opinions. Mr. and Mrs. Petersen decide to find out for themselves, and experience a few surprises.

The Modern Cyclops (2002) follows a tour group in the island of the Cyclops as described by Homer but, in a rather bizarre twist, shows the Cyclops of today as a race attempting to integrate into human society. Using the creatures as a metaphor for today’s minorities, the film explores the struggle against prejudice, the struggle to establish one’s identity.

The plot raises the striking parallel in history with the colonisation and ‘amelioration’ of the non-European world and also the question – who is the true savage? The Cyclops, who are portrayed as degenerates, attempting to modernise and ‘civilise’ themselves with farming and the arts? Or civilised man, come to gawk and point at the savages, who strikes the first blow in an attempt to satiate his own desires?



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