Touching On A Little Bit Of Everything #2: – Windrush

History as ahistorical nonsense, regurgitated through media’s memes. Themes of the past blasted into several minutes of hardship, portrayed by the medias haughty dancing. As if we are not Human without an ounce of morality. Lacking the ability to be empathetic, whilst settling for less in this mess of history.

As the ship set sail and the Windrush ventured before gusts of change, the winds would claim life would never be the same for this British isle. The lost files of such times, where White British were in denial, refuting the reality of its “Empires” guile. The ability to dismantle respect, ejecting the prejudices they kept for a morally uptight and righteous story. The whitewashing of the past and the heroism that prances from the West.

The thousands of Caribbean migrants that extended their beauty onto this nation and other parts of this World, stemming from centuries of boiled Western madness, changed it forever. I imagine stepping into this plain sunken place, the tropical wonder of such people enlightened these parts in countless ways. Unfathomable and dismayed by history’s tale. Hence representation is a necessity to prevail.

I picked up this companion to a series the BBC done, Windrush. It depicts the journey from an angle not many that are speaking on the current situation can handle. Recounting on the experiences of these allegedly welcome migrants, the racist incidents, the sheer hardships and endeavours of such people. The lineage and causation for change, the debates which revolve around the same phenomenon that is racism. How woven racism is into the fabrics of this cold nation.

I need to read this, as a Black Brit. The discourse to Blackness remains based on African American endeavours. It pains me to state, it is somewhat understandable. The sheer fact the West is hosted as the most modern state inthis World, alongside the communion of focus and perception. How many must past through American lanes to be in the spotlight. Our Black British talent, eloping to the Land of Dreams. Since our secondary home has too many fees, it is costly to endeavour for greatness in England. Seemingly a place where talent is underappreciation, resolution is hosted away from needful hands.

Studying Cultural Studies at SOAS, a Masters degree, freed my mind toward this state of Black Britishness. The Black Atlantic by Peter Gilroy, most concepts by Stuart Hall and Black Jacobins by CLR James. It pointed me toward a trail of Black Britishness, mostly Caribbean speakers, activists and such – that have allowed us to exist easier than previous generations. Nevertheless, the lack of continuity of knowledge undoes the beauty of their effort and decreases chances of success within the Black individual.

I believe this, we need a discourse on Black Britishness – that rivals the complexity of African American rights and history. We have different stories, we should not be learning about Roots or Martin Luther King. The Windrush generation, the previous Black communities, the policies, the incidents such as Stephen Lawrence and Mark Duggan, Brixton riots, the Catford home fires and countless other ideas that shape the state of racism we still experience. Due to the lack of history and focus, individual incidents and moments can be reduced to nothing. The complicit handling of racism is disgusting.

I just wanted to say, we need a discourse on Blackness. Every Black individual should be aware and concerned with Windrush in this country, which has constantly failed us throughout history.

Author: Jude

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