The House Of Horus is a website I started by myself in my second year of University. It was the Summer of 2013 and I felt that I had nothing. No experience, no credibility, no cause for interest. I wanted to document and show what I was interested in, draw in conversations that not many from my communities have an interest in such notions.

At first it was Philosophy blog, started on Blogspot called “It’s Mind Boggling” – but then I realised, I did not want to be a blogger. I put my hand to paper or rather keyboard with the intention of writing films. I wanted to write scripts, though had no adequate experience or guidance. Hence I started The House Of Horus at first with Nyx (an anon Author) who contributed two artistic reviews for short films.

To embark on this writing journey I started writing Philosophy articles, on Morality, God, Aesthetics, Existentialism, Utilitarianism and History. I have touched on Music, Sports, expanded greatly on my film reviews. Not only has this encouraged my endeavour to achieve through writing it has inspired a lot of activity within life.

I also managed to pick up a taste for poetry, attending poetry events when I can. I admire the energy it can bring. I have attended film events and also been provided free tickets for screenings to review films.  Even the other day I attended the Star Wars The Last Jedi Premiere, something I would never have thought of doing if not for my writing.

I have attended lectures on Black History, what it does in terms of representation. Started a podcast with two other like minded individuals, something I would have only been able to accomplish through these skills The House Of Horus has provided me.

In conclusion, I somewhat owe it to myself that I have been able to build such a portfolio of work. Though the grandeur comes in the content, hence I appreciate my taste but also the brilliance that Humanity can manifest for our perusal.

Any donations, https://paypal.me/blayyaw